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Alice Ballöy is a young art plastician born in Paris.


As a child, she started showing artistic aptitudes. Her parents encouraged her to develop her talent by having her take classes at the conservatory and in a plastic art centre at a very early age. During her studies, she develops a passion for anthropology and body modifications.


She takes parts in different art fairs organized by the city of Issy les Moulineaux such as the "marché des arts" or the "journées des ateliers portes ouvertes" (open door workshops). She exposes all her art creation ranging from fashion design to painting or photography, all the while keeping this same interest for Man, his environment, his manners.


In 2009 she graduated as a fashion designer from the Atelier Chardon Savard. Her final project was a cannibalistic collection based on the human trophy while mixing ethnicity and medecine. With this collection she develops sculptures of a "cold yet humane" aestheticism. They are represented in a bloc of a resin holding cannibalistic trophies inside.


She attempts to answer Voltaire's questioning about cannibalistic traditions through the world's different societies: "Can we admit then that cannibalism is not as contradictory with human nature as we tend to think?"


Primitive Arts

Major works

  • Déjeuner Vorace
  • Trophée Hyperphagique
  • Reste Anthropophage
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