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Born in 1966 in Hazebrouck in the North of France, autodidact artist Jean-François Réant, developed a passion for the artistic world very early on.


Used to play with media such as wood, plastic, resin and polystyrene, he is fascinated by PVC. The duality of the material that is rigid while being flexible, encourages the artist to explore its potential. His immoderate love for seeking a new style of artistic expression leads him to stretch the limits and to break away from the academic artistic rules.


This unusual creator invented a new very personal process of compression and torsion of PVC tubes. Quirky or daily objects reveal themselves as lively and sensual through the use of this raw material. Those tubes are glorified in compositions made into everyday objects transforming a common material in sculptures that are popular across the world.


In his hands, the material comes alive and becomes a work of art. Réant created colorful sculptures with rounded lines that present an uncommon view. He developed his art by mastering the squirming and pressuring of the tube.

« I wanted to be an innovative pioneer in the way to manipulate a material. The tube is soft, harmonious, sensual (…) like a woman’s body. By heating it, it reveals an enormous potential. »


The work of Jean-François Réant defines a new interpretation of daily objects such as tables, chairs and pencils to transcend them through his very own technique.


As a hedonistic figure, this unclassifiable artist plays with forms and colors to provide an ode to life.


Abstract Art
Pop Art

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