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Molio was born in 1962, in Spain. She paints since she was a child, inspired by the light coming out of Jaquin Sorolla’s works. 


Captivated by the beauty of nature, she paints fauna and flora, strong and fragile elements, where she searches for light for her compositions. Her paintbrushes are seaweeds, wood pieces, pebbles intertwined with shells, or horizons of orange tree fields. 


In 1975, La Movida invades Spain. In this exuberant time, Molio gets into graphic arts and an architect’s office in Gandia. In 1983, the artist, always looking for knowledge leaves for London, in order to win her spurs. From museums, to exhibitions, from emotion to emotion, she does not stop observing Turner’s, Van Gogh’s, and Velaequez's works, where she would draw her ultimate inspiration. 


In 1986, she moves to Saint-Malo where she would make the most of her years of observation in order to study calligraphy, perspectives, architecture, or substance effects. 

From 2003 to 2005, a major work, entitled Rencontre avec Soi and Oubli de Soi, in favor of a personal exhibition at the Regional Council of Britain. 

Following this event, Molio meets the master Paul Aïzpiri who invites her in his workshop in Paris. The became artistic friends until he died. 


In 2007, her work Chassé-croisé is selected and bought during an international competition by the Châteaux des Réaux in the Centre Val de Loire region. 


Since 2014, Molio showcases her works in a lot of international fairs, and did a very noticed exhibition at the Unesco, in 2017.

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