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Nobody, born in 1989 advocates anti-starization and highlights a social message before his own image. At the beginning of his career, he cut his teeth working with bomb painting fences around the cultural places of Brussels. He strides along European metros with a few friends and attempts lettering, which allows him to express his anger and the ardor of his youth. He felt an irrepressible need to communicate his vision of the world.


Nobody was influenced very early by the Lowbrow movement, which refers to the codes of popular culture. Icons, logos, imaginary characters are highlighted in his drawings, which denounce the excesses of our society.


His works represent a true social satire, urban life saturated by information and even by disinformation. The artist thus echoes a criticism of the ambient consumerism, in creations often nostalgic and sometimes provocative.


Nobody is by himself a condensed of his generation: shaped by, but also adept of this street and pop culture that leak at every street corner.


Inspired by graffiti, he is himself an actor and will soon reconcile this urban practice with the Art of the canvas. Perpetually looking for new supports, he likes to reinvent his work on wooden boards or road signs. Nobody's art is a reflection of our world and its contradictions.

Over time balloons slip into his paintings. Their brilliant hues draw like a rainbow in the gray sky that he describes. These spheres of color create an explosion of hope on the wall and whisper love and sharing as sources of happiness.


Nobody challenges us on our standards, our false pretenses and our Western identity. His poetic work calls on both the collective memory and the symbols of our time.


Pop Art
Street Art

Major works

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