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Catalan painter, it’s in 2010 that this non-standard artist releases himself from contingencies of a hectic life. He then takes the measure of his route which he traces successfully since his early youth.  


Perrotte considers every single one of his pieces as a personal adventure, as a new ground of exploration and sharing. Glowing, he spreads an impressive capacity of creation with happiness. Far from academic conventions, his singular pictorial work express itself in abstraction. 


Today, his inspiration is the unknown, the unseen, the unheard of. The non-representational paints which arise from the human mind transcend the reality. In his compositions, this metaphysical idealism, tinged with romanticism, is served by a formal discipline, loaded with symbols. 


The static constructions of his debuts have paved the way for subtle pictorial  formulations of the movement. In their semantic function, the signs spread by the painter harmonize with each other. With proven contemporary writing, the artist intends to make « the soul of the spectator » vibrate. However emotional his art is, philosophical suggestions are made, letting the admirer imagine a story. 


In Perrotte’s work, shapes and lines create of rich association of colors. His abstract paintings become sensitive and alive areas, offering a new perception of depth. From his work, come a magical atmosphere, filled with joy, poetry and serenity.

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