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By citing Robert Crumb, Niki de St Phalle, Andy Warhol and Arman as his "heroes" when he speaks of his aesthetic "shocks", Philippe Berry reveals his multidisciplinary artistic interests. If he has devoted himself exclusively to sculpture since 1988, this artist was originally interested in volume just as much as features,tactile aspects and graphic design. Born in Paris in 1956 and a graduate of ESAG Penninghen, Berry worked in layout, graphic design and as artistic director in different advertising agencies in the 1970's and 1980's. Then he made movie posters ( "Nuit d'Amour", "Cuisines et Dépendances", "Solo", "Partenaires"), and began painting in 1984.


In 1993, his first pieces were shown at the prestigious FIAC International Contemporary Art Show in Paris. During the same period, the sculptor accepted a number of public orders, and executed the monumental work "Cameras" for the Pathé Cinema in Marseilles at the request of Jerome Seydoux, and the fountain of the French embassy in Zimbabwe, entitled "Balancing Elephants".


The main objective of Berry's work is the exploration of childhood worlds: balloons, teddy bears holding hands, figurines of cowboys and indians, snowmen, various animals...he works poetically and in many ways in his favorite material, bronze. Specifically, he carries out his research on volume and color in bronze, which is a medium favorable to such research. Here is what he said to Isabelle Sobelman at a retrospective of his work in Metz : « I built myself a world of bronze related to its historical use and value, but I wanted to break away from it and use colors. I tried resin but wasn't satisfied (...) For color, I did research on how to paint bronze with my bronze smith, it took us a year to develop a system that enables me to achieve a very high degree of polish… »


Philippe Berry likes the idea that viewers can see, understand and interpret his works in multiple ways. Amusing colored "work-games"? Certainly they are,but they are also reflections on balance, form and freedom. His works represent, above all, endeavors to conceive of the artistic experience as a whole.


Pop Art
Andy Warhol
Graphic art

Major works

  • 3 Beaux Ballons
  • Hippo et ballon rouge
  • Trois grands nounours


  • 1993
    Foire internationale d'art contemporain (FIAC) Paris, France
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