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Rini Ferhi was born in Enschede, Netherlands in 1947. She is a figurative painter currently living in Paris. Her unique subject of study is the female nude figure in all its sensuousness.


Throughout her work she maintains an attraction to what is most vulnerable and appreciative: the bodies and faces of her subjects. Rini develops an emotional bond between her and her models in order to extract real emotions to put into her work. Sometimes erotic, sometimes romantic: each canvas is the product of a struggle, a tension between what can be shown and what remains hidden.


The design of the figure rests on multiple major and minor curves drawn with charcoal. Her selection of lines shows a singular way of being in the world as a reflection of a soul.


The artist tries to see through what we rarely see, that which is hidden; the noble wounds within. During the first moments of a model’s pose, she captures the differences, the likeness, the particularity of the other. During this exchange, she gives the most of herself in order to bring out the most in the other: her double.


Rini confronts the rational and the irrational by accepting and playing with the “accidents” in her painting. The first one being related to the handling of the charcoal, and others caused by the evaporation or the sudden uncontrolled gesture of a sponge soaked in coffee or tea. While working on her drawings, Rini tries to detach from the present in order to render a figure which is not rigidly copied from reality.


Her art inhibits a sensual tension which impresses and challenges our perceptions. The beings whose nudity is a component, and at the same time the paradoxical place of her own expression and of her own revelation.

Since her goal is is to reach the elusive, the artist sees the attention to the intimate tension of the model as a critical component of the creative act.


Rini Ferhi offers the singularity of each model, highlighting the attitudes and the emotions in a unique charcoal stroke that develops from their encounter during an intimate session.


New figuration

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