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Multidisciplinary French painter, SIMSA was born in Paris in 1961.


Attracted by various media, she first tries the discipline of sculpture and then of painting, henceforth became her favorite medium of expression.

Her art invites us to join in mischievous adventures where humor and « joie de vivre » have become her mantra.


Thanks to her passion for colors, gourmet shapes that harmonize with Fernando Botero's collection of Colombian inspirations, SIMSA makes us travel ...


Her canvases - extravagant and joyful - are sincere invitations, full of charm and humor where the woman is particularly honored.


Woman, women are her favorite subject. The nudity - more naughty than ingenuous - gives pride of place to a small, round and firm chest. The arms and legs are arched, mouths are kissing and small of the back, callipygian.


No amalgamation! Beneath her hustle and bustle, the artist's meticulous and wellbalanced approach is hidden in each of her creations.


As intriguing as it is amusing, her works invite the viewer to be an accomplice of the grim characters. Thanks to the lively and warm colors that SIMSA uses, thanks to the thick and flowing lines she traces, thanks to the generous and

bouncy forms she uses, its rendering will always be of an infinite poetry highlighting all the minutiae and the harmony of the artist’s work who leaves nothing to chance.


Faced with her features, we transform ourselves into an observer, certainly sneering but contemplative, succumbing to her art.

This titillated but well-defined art, affectionate of the passionate red, the varied blues entwined with brown beige, promises discreet retreats in the shades of patinated greens and yellows.


In 1992, SIMSA was honored at a solo exhibition and it drove her to many others in the four corners of Europe.


Pop Art 

Major works

  • Le Petit Sac Orange
  • Mon Amoureux
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